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Regulatory T cells from colon cancer patients express CD39 and inhibit transendothelial effector T cell migration by an adenosine-dependent mechanism

Patrik Sundström, Hanna Stenstad, Veronica Langenes, Filip Ahlmanner, Lisa Theander, Tapuka Gordon Ndah, Kamilla Fredin, Lars Börjesson, Bengt Gustavsson, Jérémy Bastid, Marianne Quiding-Järbrink, Cancer Immunology Research, 2016 Jan 19

IL-17A and its homologs IL-25/IL-17E recruit the c-RAF/S6 kinase pathway and the generation of pro-oncogenic LMW-E in breast cancer cells

Sarah Mombelli, St√©phanie Cochaud, Yacine Merrouche, Christian Garbar, Frank Antonicelli, Emilie Laprevotte, Gilles Alberici, Nathalie Bonnefoy, Jean-Fran√ßois Eliaou, J√©r√©my Bastid, Armand Bensussan, J√©r√īme Giustiniani, Scientific Reports, 2015 Jul 8

CD39: a complementary target to immune checkpoints to counteract tumor-mediated immunosuppression

Nathalie Bonnefoy, Jeremy Bastid, Gilles Alberici, Armand Bensussan and Jean-François Eliaou, OncoImmunology, 2015.

Interleukin17B promotes chemoresistance of breast tumors through ERK1/2 antiapoptotic pathway

Emilie Laprevotte, Jeremy Bastid, St√©phanie Cochaud, Jer√īme Giustiniani, Marion¬†Philippe, Kathryn A. Frewer, Andrew J. Sanders, Wen G. Jiang, Armand Bensussan,¬†Gilles Alberici, Jean-Fran√ßois¬†Eliaou, Nathalie Bonnefoy, AACR Annual Meeting 2015,¬†Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

IL25/ IL17E does not induce breast tumor cell apoptosis and both IL17A and IL25/IL17E contribute to breast cancer survival and proliferation associated with generation of prooncogenic low molecular forms of cyclin E

J√©r√īme Giustiniani, Herv√© Cur√©, Christian Garbar, Yacine Merrouche, Nathalie¬†Bonnefoy, J√©r√©my Bastid, Gilles Alberici, Jean-Fran√ßois¬†Eliaou, Armand Bensussan, AACR Annual Meeting 2015,¬†Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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