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Anti-CD39 mAbs [licensed to Innate Pharma]

CD39, initially discovered as a checkpoint inhibitor by OREGA Biotech’s cofounder Dr. Armand Bensussan, is expressed on both regulatory T cells and tumor cells. It plays a major role in promoting immunosuppression through the pathway degrading adenosine triphosphate (ATP) into immunosuppressive adenosine. Adenosine binds adenosine receptor at the cell surface of immune effector cells and suppresses their function, thereby allowing immune escape and tumor progression.


OREGA Biotech’s CD39-blocking monoclonal antibodies therefore prevent the production of immunosuppressive adenosine and promote the accumulation of peritumoral ATP in the tumor microenvironment, thereby stimulating immune cell-mediated killing of cancer cells and favoring therapy-induced immunogenic cell death.


The program has been licensed to Innate Pharma in 2016. 

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